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Waze MOD APK v4.98.90.903 (Optimized/No Ads)

Waze MOD APK v4.98.90.903 (Optimized/No Ads)

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Waze is a community driven navigation app that helps millions of users get to where they’re going through real-time road alerts and an up-to-the-moment map. Thanks to our network of drivers, Waze saves you time by instantly alerting you to traffic, construction, crashes, police and more. From traffic-avoiding reroutes, real-time safety updates and low gas price alerts, Waze is a community of drivers helping other drivers.

With Waze you…
• Get there faster: the best routes with the least traffic
• Avoid tickets: know where police, speedcams and redlight cams are located
• More accurate ETAs: based on live traffic, construction, weather and more
• Community-based navigation: real-time updates from other drivers
• Save money: find the cheapest gas along your route
• Avoid tolls: see toll pricing when you choose a route
• Use Android Auto: sync Waze to your car’s built-in display
• Live Speedometer: get alerts when you’re speeding and avoid costly tickets
• Customize your drive: get directions from your favorite celebs and characters
• No app switching: use your favorite audio apps right from Waze

Be prepared, drive with Waze!
You can manage your in-app Waze Privacy Settings at any time. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy here, www.waze.com/legal/privacy.
Waze directions are not intended for emergency or oversized vehicles.

No cord, no problem! Enjoy using Waze Built-in for Google. Check back to see what’s new.

Optimized/No Ads

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Waze MOD APK v4.98.90.903 (Optimized/No Ads)